Baking up a storm.

October 30th, 2012 | Posted by Ashley in Food | Musings

After all the hype and speculation, Hurricane Sandy has swept through the lower part of New England and is on her way out. Fortunately, Boston was hardly as affected as the rest of the East Coast. Also fortunately, school was cancelled for the day, so I technically had the first (and probably last) snow day of my life. Woo hoo! So, I spent the day watching the trees blow like crazy out my window while I worked on my long to-do list. Of course, the homework part of my list wasn’t nearly as completed as I would have liked by day’s end because, seeing as it was my first snow day, I had indoor, snow-day activities to do!

Waking up without an alarm, I enjoyed coffee and oatmeal while I wondered whether I would lose power (I didn’t). I made a few flashcards for school, and then decided I would go to the gym inside my building for a quick workout since I wasn’t about to brave the storm to go to my usual gym. I completed a mini circuit workout that included burpees, squat jumps, and jumping jacks.

Very serious gym-goer.

Once that was out of the way, I pretty much spent the day eating as often as I could. I made some vegetable soup from scratch last night in preparation for the storm, and I have to say, it was pre-tay pre-tay pre-tay good. If you want the recipe, I’m happy to share, although I don’t think anyone reads my blog.

I also ate handfuls of Halloween candy leftover from the COMmunicator event I held last week. And then I made my own candy! I’ve been dying to make homemade Butterfingers since last Halloween, so I figured today would be perfect to make them before the power went out. I used Shelly‘s recipe, which combines melted candy corn with peanut butter for the filling. These were OK, and I definitely prefer store-bought Butterfingers, but these babies were still fun to make!

I baked these Oreo cheesecake cookies too that I’ve had bookmarked for forever on Michelle‘s blog. The dough for these was amazing, but the cookies themselves were missing something. Oh well. UPDATE: These cookies were amazing the next day! I think maybe they are the kind that doesn’t taste great right out of the oven, but are much better cooled? Anyhow, off all the treats go to hungry friends and family! I am in serious need of a detox now.

And now I’m wrapping things up to head back to school (and my real gym!) tomorrow. But one more thing I did today was celebrate the San Francisco Giants sweeping the Detroit Tigers and winning the World Series! Yes! I so wish I was in San Francisco to celebrate and go crazy. I guess the Giants will just have to win again next year.

Hope the sun comes out soon! Go Giants!



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