Weekend getaway: Home sweet home.

October 19th, 2012 | Posted by Ashley in Family and Friends | Musings | Travel

The past month has been a tough one for me. Changes in my personal life, schoolwork, work work, the pressures of finding a job post-grad (nine weeks to go!), the daunting upcoming challenge of having to move out of my apartment … when every aspect of your life is going a different direction, sometimes the only thing that will get you grounded and save you from going crazy is going home. Fortunately, I had already had a trip planned to go to my family’s Bay Area home in California over Columbus Day weekend. The trip couldn’t have come any sooner!

I’ve lived in California pretty much my entire life, save for a year abroad in Toulouse, France, and I know that no matter what, I want to plant my roots in The Golden State. But I decided to move to Boston for not only the education, but also to get a taste of living on the east coast. However, even though my time here is almost over, I can’t help but find myself feeling homesick for certain things that the east coast just doesn’t have:

- Wine and liquor sold in regular grocery stores
- Warm, not-humid weather and sunshine
- Incredible restaurants and bars on every corner
- Laid-back, accepting attitudes
- Everything feeling new (Boston is so old!)
- And of course, my fabulous family and friends

During the quick weekend, I was able to enjoy shopping trips with my mom and sister, big dinners with them and my dad, a day trip to San Francisco to see a ton of close friends, and visit with my grandparents. It’s amazing what you can fit into three days! Granted, I was a little behind on schoolwork when I got back and ended up pulling two all-nighters in a row. Something I’ve never done before in my entire school career. (Seriously, after all this time, I can’t get it together enough to avoid not just one, but two all-nighters?)

Here’s a photo recap of my fantastic weekend. Looking forward to going again for Thanksgiving!

Salads with Mom = shopping fuel

One of my shopping finds – a rose gold watch!

Some of the best snacks in the Bay Area – Cornology Chicago mix popcorn and (my all-time favorite) See’s candies. Oh, and that pink sprinkled cookie morsel? Well, whenever my grandparents come over for dinner, my grandpa always expects dessert. Because he, like me, has an insatiable sweet tooth, but also because nine times out of 10, I probably did bake something that day. So this treat was a white chocolate chip oatmeal cookie dough-topped white chocolate chip oatmeal cookie bar. A mouthful, I know. But a good one. Thanks to Jenny for the recipe!

Columbus Day weekend in the city was a busy one – the Giants played, the Blue Angels flew, the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival rocked, and Justin Beiber was in town for a concert (which of these things doesn’t fit in?) I had the pleasure of meeting five of my good friends for brunch at one of my old stomping grounds – The Elite Cafe. Naturally, we were treated like queens and given donut holes, beignets, and dessert on the house. Score! If you’re ever in the Fillmore area in SF, check out the Elite. Super yummy cajun Creole California cuisine.

Rooftop view of SF.

Some of my favorites <3

Sunday morning at home – Mom has cute hair.

If you haven’t noticed, one of the major perks of visiting home is the food. Waxmans like to eat. And these beef ribs were pretty bomb.

Sorry for the long post! It’s been so long since my last one, I guess I have so much to tell you. Also, I realized after I got back that I didn’t take any photos of me with my family! Next time. Hope you’re all having a great week!



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